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The benefits of preloved Jewellery

Written By Gems and Gold Singapore

The benefits of preloved Jewellery

Shopping for the ideal piece of jewellery, whether it be a treat to yourself or someone special in your life, can often present numerous decisions. From its style and intended purpose to daily wear to where you’ll start looking; all are crucial factors that require careful consideration. Whilst quick shoppers may instinctively turn towards high street offerings, we at Gems & Gold urge seekers of magnificent gems and dazzling diamonds to consider our range of preloved pieces instead! Our collection proudly presents an array one-of-a kind items with quality guaranteed: read below as we explore further into why preloved jewellery is such a fantastic option!

Investing in preowned jewellery is an ideal way to shop sustainably and do your part for the environment. Second-hand pieces help preserve resources by reducing demand for diamond and metal mining, thus leading to a reduced carbon footprint on our planet. With high quality materials used in crafting each piece of jewellery, such items will retain their beauty for years to come - truly embodying sustainability at its finest!

In this era of growing environmental consciousness and awareness, it’s increasingly essential to take part in sustainable living when we can. A good place to start is buying jewellery sustainably - a sector which has a quite substantial carbon footprint caused by the emission of large amounts CO2 from mining, production, and importation. Although different types differ drastically with regards their environment impact – diamonds are one of the most damaging materials as diamond mining alone utilises enough energy for over 1 million households running during an entire year; gold on the other hand emits 36,793 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per every tonne produced! It goes without saying that if you're looking for ways to reduce such impacts then opting towards preloved pieces may be your best bet.