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How to care for your Jewellery

Written By Gems and Gold Singapore

How to care for your Jewellery

From personal anniversary gifts to bold statement pieces, jewellery is an essential part of any wardrobe. While these delicate items may add sparkle and shine when kept in pristine condition, everyday wear can cause them damage without the proper care. To keep your jewels shining for years to come be sure you are following these three tips on caring for your valuable jewellery. With a few simple steps you can avoid heartache and costly repairs associated with neglecting such important accessories!

Keep Your Jewellery Clean and Dry

Maintaining your jewellery is necessary to preserve its lustre and remove dirt or oils. If you own gold necklaces, pearl earrings, or any other type of valuables - be sure you are using the right cleaning tools for each material!

Things to remember, to maintain your pieces:

  • Many jewellery types can be cleaned with warm water and a mild dish soap. Be careful to use a gentle cloth or brush for cleaning, especially with soft gems like pearls that are easy to scratch.
  • Avoid any cleaning products not specifically designed for jewellery. Many cleaners can contain harsh chemicals that can damage gems or metals. We recommend our Gems & Gold cleaning cloth for all gold items. Your can purchase it in this link provided.….
  • Put water into a separate bowl to rinse jewellery rather than over the sink, where it’s easy to lose a piece down the drain.


Avoid contact with lotion and perfume.

Protecting your precious heirlooms is a must for any jewellery wearer. From gold to coloured gems and pearls, these items are quite sensitive when it comes to the chemicals found in certain everyday products. To avoid damage, apply perfume or makeup before wearing or handling them – setting sprays, lotions and skin refreshers should be avoided at all costs! Keep this advice in mind so you can enjoy admiring their beauty without worrying about unfortunate consequences down the road.

  • Be careful, especially of pearls and porous gems as they can have permanent surface damage from some cosmetic chemicals.
  • Make sure that your skin is completely dry after applying any sprays before putting jewellery on. 
  • If your precious metals become exposed to any chemicals, immediately rinse, and wash off any residue with a gentle cloth.


Store your jewellery properly.

Proper jewellery storage is essential for preserving its lustre and preventing it from getting scratched or broken. To ensure their delicate beauty stays intact, remember to keep pieces separated - storing them separately can help ward off any entanglement-related damage!